What to Do After a Lawn Mower Death or Injury

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 70,000 people make emergency room visits following lawn mower accidents every year. Riding lawn mowers account for roughly 20,000 of these emergencies and over 600 children suffer from limb, finger and hand amputations as the result of lawn mower injuries. In fact, when not handled properly or if the mower is defective, lawn mowers can cause severe injuries to individuals of all ages. If you or someone you love have been injured or if a family member has passed away following a serious injury, consider contacting a lawn mower death attorney who can help you to seek possible compensation for your damages.

Lawn Mower Accident Claims a Life

On August 6, 2013, a Johnston County, North Carolina man was killed in a lawn mower accident. According to sources, Ray Earp was cutting the grass near a ditch on his property when the zero-turn lawn mower rolled over on top of him, instantly killing him. A family member watched the accident occur and rushed to his aid, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Causes of Lawn Mower Accidents

While lawn mower accidents can be caused by driver error or miscalculation, a lawn mower death is most likely due to a common defect of the machine itself. Lawyers representing victims and their families maintain that some of the most reported defaults include:

– Defective blades
– Fuel leaks due to a faulty fuel system
– Inadequate instructions
– Flimsy, breakable parts
– Design defects that cause the mower to tip over
– Poor safety labels and warnings
– Defects in manufacturing and design

Who is Responsible for a Lawn Mower Death?

Manufacturers are under a legal obligation to design, create and ship safe products. However, some manufacturers may skip over some required processes as a way to decrease manufacturing costs, releasing lawn mowers that do not provide adequate safety symptoms and thus increase the risk of injuries.

To prevent from lawn mower injuries, do not start the mower when others are around or let another person operate or ride the machine. Before operating, ensure that all parts are in working order; it is vital that you inspect the parts before each use. Make sure you are of sound health and can physically handle the lawn mower and avoid wearing loose jewelry or clothing that could potentially become caught in the mower.

Injured? Our Lawn Mower Injury Attorneys Can Help

Defective products such as lawn mowers are classified into a product liability lawsuit. If you or someone you love has been injured or suffered a lawn mower death, you may be entitled to make a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the lawn mower. Contact the Attorney Group today to learn more about filing a lawsuit. Attorney Group will help you to determine if the product was defective or caused your injury due to mistakes or negligence during production. We will make sure you are properly informed and prepared for whatever may come up in your pursuit of compensation for injury.