Is There a Link Between Victoza and Pancreatitis?

Victoza and PancreatitisLink Could Be Established Between Victoza and Pancreatitis

The potential links between Victoza and pancreatitis are now being brought into greater focus through legal action. Lawsuits have been filed alleging that the drug Victoza may be linked to various pancreatic problems. Victoza has been approved by the FDA as a once-a-day injection for treating Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in adults. The drug helps diabetics by facilitating a greater release of insulin from the pancreas after eating a meal. People with T2DM are often more complicated to treat, requiring multiple medications to control their blood sugar.

The FDA’s Risk Assessment

The FDA has received thousands of complaints claiming there are links between medications like Victoza and pancreatitis. There are claims on both sides as to whether or not Victoza, specifically, will have these same drawbacks that other diabetic medications have. Approximately five clinical trials for the drug were conducted involving over 3,900 people. In that test group, 7 correlated cases of Victoza and pancreatitis were found. The 8th case involved a separate medication. Considering the number of patients exposed, this was a 4:1 unbalanced ratio inferring that there may be a connection between Victoza and pancreatitis.

However, the FDA stresses that this was not a proper test for the specific correlation between Victoza and pancreatitis. Not enough patients were involved in the test to paint an accurate picture nor were these studies aimed at testing the link.

Opposing View Points

One of the loudest proponents involved in the debate is the group Public Citizen. Public Citizen is equal parts watch dog and political activist group. They assert in their own study that the studies done by the FDA is proof-positive that Victoza and pancreatitis are linked.

Legal Counsel For Guidance

There are many diabetic medications like Victoza that are linked to pancreatitis. A patient may have legal options available to them to pursue compensation for pain and suffering that may have resulted. If you or a loved one believe you have developed pancreatitis because of Victoza or other medications, you should consider contacting Attorney Group today.

We can provide insight into your situation and the options you have available to you. A consultation is free with no obligations. If you decide to pursue a claim, we can also connect you with an affiliated attorney. Contact us today to learn more.