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Lipitor Lawsuit AttorneysStudies of the drug Lipitor have shown that taking the statin medication may increase the patient’s risk of developing diabetes and other adverse health issues that stem from the condition, especially among postmenopausal women.  If you have been diagnosed with diabetes after taking Lipitor, call the Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys at Attorney Group today.  Lipitor Lawsuits have already been filed against the drug manufacturer.

Although it appears that the manufacturer, Pfizer, should have known or did, in fact, know about the serious complications that may have arisen from use of the drug, they failed to provide adequate warnings to both consumers and the medical community as a whole. As a result, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation through a case filed with Lipitor lawsuit attorneys.

Lipitor’s Connection to Diabetes

Warner-Lambert Company originally introduced Lipitor in 1996, although the manufacturer was later acquired by Pfizer. As the result of aggressive promotions and marketing tactics, the drug quickly became one of the most popular medications in the world, bringing in a revenue of more than $125 billion before its generic counterpart became available in 2011.

Known as a “statin,” Lipitor’s main function is to stop the liver from producing the enzyme that is responsible for the body’s formation of cholesterol. Consuming statins often helps to reduce the patient’s levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, also known as “bad cholesterol.” In general, statins have been known to cause other serious health complications other than diabetes including kidney problems and muscle injuries.

Lipitor lawsuit attorneys maintain that Pfizer knew about the potential for the drug to cause diabetes prior to marketing the medication and the warnings they released to consumers and the medical community remained inadequate and incomplete. Moreover, they neglected to inform consumers about the importance of monitoring daily blood glucose levels. Because of their incompetency, thousands of women may have developed type 2 diabetes from taking the drug; these conditions could have been avoided if these individuals had been further educated with accurate information regarding the risk.

Study Concludes Lipitor Tied to Diabetes

A new study published in May 2013 concluded that people taking high doses of Lipitor may have a higher chance of receiving a type 2 diabetes diagnosis; this risk is increased if they already show other classic diabetes risk factors. The results, published in a journal of the British Medical Association, came from an examination of more than 470,000 people ages 66 and older in Ontario, Canada who did not have type 2 diabetes before beginning Lipitor. Scientists found that Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor seemed to increase the patient’s chance of diabetes.

While a number of studies have previously linked the cholesterol-lowering statin drug to increases in patients’ risks of diabetes, this latest study strengthens the evidence already previously found. It also suggests, however, that the risk may be increased exponentially in those who already have a chance of developing the disease; those who have high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, high blood sugar and excess weight may already be predisposed to diabetes. These four factors are typically very reliable for distinguishing those who are at a higher or lower risk for developing new cases of diabetes from taking atorvastin, or Lipitor.

While some researchers claim that managing the risk factors, like shedding extra pounds, may help to curb the patient’s risk for diabetes, others need to be forewarned about the dangers of taking the medication. Additionally, if patients truly need a stronger medication such as Lipitor to help combat their high cholesterol, physicians may consider switching to a different statin medication or lower the dosage to avoid more serious complications.  Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys are staying abreast of the information surrounding the link between Lipitor and diabetes in women and can be your best source to stay informed as you determine what is best for you to secure your legal rights.

Allegations of Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys

Plaintiffs who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or are suffering from other adverse side effects have hired Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys and filed complaints across the country. Additionally, some of the cases refer to Pfizer’s unfortunate decision to put their desire for making money above the safety of their consumers.

Consumers allege that the manufacturer knew, or should have known, that the drug may cause an increase in blood glucose levels and an increased risk for developing diabetes, yet they continued to market the medication, claiming it was “safe and effective.”

Plaintiffs claim that Lipitor is unsafe and defective because Pfizer failed to provide proper precautions and warnings about the potential side effects; the medical community agrees that the manufacturers of these medications have a responsibility to research medicines thoroughly and provide accurate, detailed warnings to inform consumers about dangerous or unreasonable risks that may arise from their use. Lipitor lawsuit attorneys allege that the company failed to perform these studies before Lipitor was introduced or conduct adequate surveillance of the drug after receiving complaints.

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