National Stop on Red Week

stop on redNational Stop on Red Week

Accidents, injuries, and fatalities that result from running red-lights are tragedies that can be prevented. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) created the Stop Red-Light Running Program in 1995 with the goal of decreasing accidents in mind. The stop on red program is meant to raise public awareness and encourage better monitoring at local levels by law enforcement.

A key part of the program is National Stop on Red Week. National Stop on Red Week is the first week of August (3rd-9th in 2014). Communities around the country will use this week to promote public awareness and step up law enforcement to curtail more of these preventable accidents.

The American Trauma Society and DaimlerChrysler joined with the FHWA to help spread this program to a nationwide level in 1998. The program is credited with reducing red light running by nearly 15% in many of the local communities it was introduced in. The FHWA makes all of the materials developed for this program readily available to communities wanting to launch it even though the partnership is no longer active.

The most successful campaigns utilize marketing and advertising to reach people in addition to increasing enforcement efforts. Many cities step up enforcement through National Stop on Red Week as a means to promote change in their local communities.

There are a few steps communities can take if they want to implement this program. Launching local programs in conjunction with national awareness movements can help draw greater media attention to the program. It can help to promote an awareness campaign in the same time span as other events that the public may be able to relate to locally. A booth and information at local events like fairs, jamborees, or car shows can help increase exposure at a local level. The city may also want to enlist the help of local activist groups who focus on motor vehicle safety to help with promotion.

After all, National Stop on Red Week can benefit anyone that happens to drive or be driven.

If you are interested in participating in your community, you can find extensive information on the National Coalition for Safer Roads website.

Know Your Options if Injured After a Driver Runs a Red Light

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