Problems with Lipitor: Patient Reports Numbness in Fingers and Toes

problems with LipitorA recent article published in Tuscaloosa, Alabama newspaper describes an individual who had received a prescription for Lipitor due to high cholesterol. According to the patient, Lipitor was a “miracle drug” that kept cholesterol levels at a normal reading. However, after taking Lipitor for eight years, the patient reportedly developed peripheral neuropathy, or numbness, of the toes and fingers. The condition got progressively worse over the following six months, and the patient was allegedly unable to determine if a tomato was soft or hard and had no feeling when opening a bobby pin or holding a pencil.

The patient stated that the treating neurologist and internist investigated all possible causes for the condition but that the patient was told that the numbness would be consistent and to live with it. However, after reading a reference linking peripheral neuropathy to statin medications such as Lipitor, the patient discontinued the medication and reportedly had a dramatic improvement after just two weeks. Within months, the patient claims to have regained 90 percent of the lost sensory perception.

Although physicians were first told that there were few problems with Lipitor, recent studies and clinical trials have suggested that statin medications may cause peripheral neuropathy, atherosclerosis, cognitive loss and other complications. Those experiencing problems with Lipitor are urged to seek legal counsel to learn more about their rights and whether they are able to recover damages for their conditions.

Other Problems with Lipitor

Lipitor has recently been linked to several severe and life-threatening complications, causing many patients across the country to file lawsuits against Pfizer to seek compensation for their injuries. Common problems with Lipitor reportedly include:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Pancreatic and sexual dysfunction
  • Neurological disorders
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver and muscle damage
  • Degenerative muscle tissue conditions

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