Semi Truck Safety Violations Prompt Shut Down of Fleet

According to news sources, a three-truck fleet has been ordered to terminate all operations due to repeated hours of service and other semi truck safety violations. Las Vegas-based JDJD Transportation hauled machinery, heavy equipment, and metal throughout the southwestern U.S, but the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has ordered the trucking company to immediately halt operations after an investigation discovered numerous and widespread semi truck safety violations.

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FMCSA Shuts Down Nevada-Based
Trucking CompanySemi Truck Safety Violations

A compliance investigation conducted by the FMCSA reported JDJD Transportation failed to maintain copies of drivers’ records and had no safety management system in place to ensure that its drivers were in compliance with federally-mandated hours of service regulations. Additionally, the company allegedly failed to ensure its drivers possessed a valid commercial driver’s license and failed to have an alcohol and drug testing program in place.

The FMCSA also reported that JDJD Transportation had no annual inspection records and did not require its drivers to conduct inspections for its vehicles before and after trips. It was also reported that the vehicles, ranging from 15 to 30 years old, often failed roadside inspections.. During the nine months prior to the compliance review in January 2015, JDJD Transportation was subject to at least nine roadside inspections, and seven of these nine inspections reportedly resulted in multiple serious semi truck safety violations.

During the same nine-month period, JDJD Transportation was also reportedly cited for failing to ensure compliance with signage requirements, size limitation, and load securement. In December 2014, a flatbed trailer owned by JDJD Transportation that was carrying heavy equipment collided with an overpass bridge near Houston, Texas. According to reports, the driver was cited with having no insurance, having an expired license, and transporting an oversized load.

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