Testosterone Treatment Therapy a Wonder Drug?

testosterone treatment therapyAt a recent Senate hearing, popular television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz (known simply as “Dr. Oz”) was chastised for his overabundant use of “flowery” language to promote questionable weight-loss products that had little or no scientific backing. He was also chided about his tendency to use phrases like “wonder drug” and “miracle cure.” The Senate’s position was that using this type of magical terminology, especially by a noted professional with a dedicated following, is decidedly unprofessional and should not be allowed. Such behavior, however, is not limited to television personalities like Dr. Oz. In an age where everyone wants to be younger, fitter, leaner, and have more prowess in the gym and in the bedroom, the overselling of so-called miracle drugs using ethically-questionable marketing tactics has become commonplace in the medical industry.

Controversy Surrounding Testosterone Treatment Therapy
A perfect example is testosterone treatment therapy. Testosterone treatment therapy clinics have sprung up all over the country to meet the high demand of male patients looking for an easy solution to the side-effects of low testosterone, or Low-T. The controversy, however, exists because of how Low-T has been marketed. Manufacturers are accused of touting Low-T as a kind of fountain of youth, able to cure the symptoms of low testosterone that, in reality, are simply the symptoms of growing older and do not require medication.

Male testosterone peaks in the late teens and early twenties, then slowly declines thereafter. This partly explains why men lose energy, strength, and libido as they age into their forties and beyond. Oftentimes, natural declines in testosterone due to aging are exacerbated by poor lifestyle choices, such as a lack of exercise, a poor diet, and inconsistent sleep patterns. Correcting these problems without the use of medication like testosterone treatment therapy often causes testosterone levels to rebound back into their normal range. Some manufacturers, however, would have patients believe that without their wonder drug, this rebound would not be possible.

Companies who market testosterone therapy products rarely encourage their male patients to look into other possible causes for their symptoms, such as the aforementioned lifestyle issues. They are also accused of promoting testosterone treatment therapy without informing patients of the potential side-effects. This negligence is alarming because recent reports by the FDA have shown that testosterone treatment therapy can greatly increase a man’s risks for heart attacks and strokes, particularly in men over 65 and those with a family history of heart disease. Now there are brand new studies suggesting that potentially fatal blood clots are another risk of testosterone treatment therapy.

Are You a Victim of Testosterone Treatment Therapy?
Sadly, many men have fallen for the bold claims about testosterone treatment therapy and have ended up suffering from heart attacks, strokes, or blood clots as a result. If you have experienced any of these side-effects and you believe testosterone treatment therapy was the cause, contact Attorney Group today. We can answer you questions, address your concerns, and review your case in a free, no-obligation consultation to determine whether you have a claim. If you do, we can connect you with an affiliated attorney who can help you file a testosterone treatment therapy lawsuit. Call today.