Train Accident Investigations to be Released in November

train accident investigationsIn August 2014, two reports were issued that pointed out Metro-North’s shortcomings in terms of safety, and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is continuing to conduct five additional train accident investigations. According to reports, the NTSB will begin with a May 17, 2013 derailment that injured 76 people in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Train Accident Investigations Released Soon

The results from each of the five train accident investigations will be released in November, according to the NTSB, but many had hoped to see these reports much sooner. NTSB reports may take as long as one year to allow investigators ample time to research every angle. If all goes as expected, the reports will emerge before the one-year anniversary of the worst train accident in Metro North’s history – a derailment in the Bronx on December 1, 2013 that injured dozens and killed four people.

A spokesperson for the NTSB acknowledged that the train accident investigations had been combined because investigators were analyzing all aspects of the tracks, including work and medical histories of the crews and maintenance records of the train. Earlier reports indicated that the Bridgeport derailment might have been caused by a crack in the bar that holds the rails together. The Bronx incident occurred after the engineer, who suffered from sleep apnea, dozed off while the locomotive was traveling 82 miles per hour before it hit a curve that had a 30 mile-per-hour speed limit.

While some maintain that these causes are official and should be released, a spokesperson for Metro-North maintained that the railroad has announced changes in response to earlier train accident investigation reports. The railroad will reportedly continue to closely work with the NTSB to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

The other three train accident investigations include the March death of a Metro-North employee who was hit by a train in Manhattan; a freight train derailment on July 18, 2013, and the May 28 death of a track foreman after the track was placed back into service before it was ready.

Metro-North wants the reports to be comprehensive so that the company can analyze the results, implement suggestions, and move forward onto other issues facing the MTA and the railroad. It is willing to wait a few more weeks to receive thorough conclusions.

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