Truck Driver Fatigue Attributed to Tracy Morgan Crash, Investigators Claim

truck driver fatigueTruck Driver Fatigue Believed to Be Cause

Truck driver fatigue is believed to have played a major role in killing comedian James McNair and injuring four others, including famed actor Tracy Morgan. A Wal-Mart truck driver allegedly failed to notice the slow down of traffic ahead of him and veered to miss it. Though it is unclear exactly how the event unfolded, the end result was the tractor-trailer hitting the limousine bus and starting a multiple vehicle accident. The accident left Tracy Morgan in critical condition.

Investigators have stated that truck driver fatigue was a primary factor in the accident, but have not yet released any reasoning or evidence as to why that is the conclusion (at the time of writing). The Wal-Mart truck driver is believed to have not slept at any point within 24 hours prior to the accident.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson stated that the company believes the driver was honoring his Hours of Service requirements. Fleets like Wal-Mart’s use electronic tracking and time keeping to ensure safe practices are being followed without threats like truck driver fatigue or mechanical failure of their trucks. Unfortunately, they do not prevent issues with driver distraction and attention, which can lead to accidents.

Hours of Service And Congress

It is an interesting coincidence that such a high profile, alleged Wal-Mart truck driver fatigue accident would emerge not even a week after a Senate committee had voted to suspend and review key Hours of Service requirements. A high profile case involving a notable name like Tracy Morgan could cast greater scrutiny on Senate actions. Lawmakers do not want to appear lax on safety to their constituents. Truck driver fatigue will likely be a focus of interest while Tracy Morgan continues to be in the news regarding the accident.

Legal Counsel And Accidents

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