Report: Federal Regulators Subpoena Tyson Foods as Part of Pricing Investigation

A Tyson Foods antitrust lawsuit may be an option for independent food distributors who purchased chickens raised for meat consumption, known as broilers, from Tyson Foods and other chicken producers. Affected parties may be able to seek compensation with the help of an antitrust attorney.

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Chicken Producers Allegedly Concealed Conspiracy to Fix Prices

Tyson Foods, the world’s largest processor of chicken products, reports that it has been subpoenaed by federal regulators as part of an investigation tied to allegations that the company violated antitrust laws. According to a report by the Associated Press, a lawsuit filed in September 2016 alleges that Tyson Foods and other poultry producers “conspired and combined to fix, raise, maintain, and stabilize” the price of broilers to increase profits by limiting their production as early as January 2008. The plaintiff in the case, Maplevale Farms, further claims that the defendants exchanged detailed industry sales information and concealed their alleged anticompetitive conduct.

A small number of processors control the supply of broilers in the United States, and those named in the lawsuit account for approximately 90 percent of the wholesale broiler market. Other poultry producers accused of conspiring to fix and maintain the price of broilers include:

  • Koch Foods
  • Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation
  • Perdue Farms, Inc.
  • Sanderson Farms
  • Wayne Farms, LLC
  • Mountaire Farms
  • Peco Foods
  • Foster Farms
  • House of Raeford Farms
  • Simmons Foods
  • Fieldale Farms
  • George’s, Inc.
  • K. Foods

As a result of the actions of the defendants, the lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff paid artificially inflated prices from January 2008 to the present and that those prices were well above the price they would have paid had there been a competitive market. According to the report, Tyson Foods and other chicken companies named in the lawsuit have filed a motion to have the actions dismissed.

Affected Parties May be Eligible to File an Antitrust Lawsuit 

When companies engage in collusion, or otherwise conspire to commit deceptive trade practices, they could be liable for any damages that result. In the case, if the allegations of violations of the Sherman Act against Tyson Foods and the other defendants are proven, individuals and other entities, including independent food distributors, may be able to recover the losses they suffered as a result of the defendants’ actions, along with other damages.

Individuals and independent food distributors who have purchased broilers from any of the named defendants between January 2008 and the present may be eligible to pursue damages by filing a Tyson Foods antitrust lawsuit and are encouraged to seek the advice of an experienced attorney to learn more about their rights and remedies.

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