West Virginia Chemical Spill: Lawyers Advise Small Businesses

On January 9, 2014, a chemical spill occurred in West Virginia that prompted both that state’s governor to declare a state of emergency and the federal government to declare a disaster in the counties and cities affected, including the state capital of Charleston. Drinking water was reportedly contaminated. Among those impacted by the West Virginia chemical spill were local schools and businesses, including restaurants and hotels, which were forced to close while officials evaluated the situation.

west virginia small business impacted by chemical spill

According to news reports:

Dr. Rahul Gupta, health officer for Kanawha and Putnam counties, ordered all health department permit holding establishments, including restaurants, schools, nursing homes and hospitals, to shut down until the State of Emergency is lifted, said John Law, spokesman for the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department.

Small business forced to close as a result of the chemical spill may face financial hardships as a result of loss of business. Many times when businesses are entitled to compensation when they suffer loss of income as the result the fault of another party, and West Virginia Chemical Spill attorneys anticipate that many small businesses will have claims related to the January 9 spill.

While lost income and profits may be recoverable in situations like the West Virginia Chemical Spill, often the manner in which those losses are calculated in the context of a legal proceeding requires the assistance of an attorney and accounting professional. Moreover, with any legal claim, it is often in a person or business’ best interest to engage an attorney to assist them.

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