What To Do After A Semi-Truck Accident

Semi-Truck AccidentA traffic accident can be a frustrating event, and can be downright frightening if the other vehicle is a semi-truck. Filing a claim against a trucking operator can also be frustrating, which is why anyone involved in such a mishap should consider seeking the services of a personal injury attorney through the Attorney Group.

Big rigs represent extra risks to passenger cars and light trucks, and collisions between them heighten the chances of serious damage to the smaller vehicle and injury to its occupants. After a serious semi-truck accident, the chief concern should be the care of everyone involved. It will also be in the best interests of the parties to notify the police. Afterwards, the person who was struck may need to take legal action against the other driver, and this can become the most complicated part of the accident.
The goal of any insurance claim is to seek compensation to cover the costs related to the accident, which can include medical bills, lost wages and property damage. The process of filing a claim after a semi-truck accident is similar to the procedure used in a standard vehicular mishap, but there are some significant differences. The seeking of damages in the average traffic accident will involve legal action against the driver and the owner of the vehicle, who is usually the same person. In cases where the offending vehicle is a commercial truck, culpability might be distributed among multiple parties. Under the circumstances, the best recourse is often for the victim is to seek the assistance of a lawyer.
The transportation of goods often involves numerous entities, and the responsibility for a large truck accident may not be easily determined. Truck drivers are often independent contractors and may own their rigs or lease them from another entity. In some cases, the driver is employed by a trucking firm that either owns the vehicle or subleases it from another company. Additionally, the driver and owner may be completely separate from the company that hired the truck to deliver its products. There may be other parties involved with the truck, including subcontractors who are responsible for servicing the vehicle, which can further muddle the issue as to who was responsible for the accident and the damages resulting therefrom. A major task will be to identify every relevant party, and this can best be done by a knowledgeable attorney.
The case may be easier to litigate in cases where the driver was an employee of a trucking firm. Employers are often considered to be legally liable for the actions of their workers, providing that whatever they did occurred while the person was at the time serving as an employee. Legal action that concentrates on the company rather than the driver may also result in a larger settlement.
Equally important as identifying the responsible parties is knowing how the mishap occurred. A report taken on the scene by a police officer carries weight in court and can help tilt the case in favor of the victim. There are also countless state and federal laws that govern trucking operations, and the finding of any violations by the truck driver can help assure a successful outcome of the lawsuit. A consultation with a lawyer sought through the Attorney Group is a wise thing to do for anyone who is the victim of a semi-truck accident.
If you have any questions about these procedures or if you have experienced a semi-truck accident and need legal questions answered, contact us today at Attorney Group. We want to make sure you are fully informed and prepared should you decide to take legal action. Contact Attorney Group today for a free consultation.