Apple Wi-Fi Assist Leads to Lawsuit Over Data Bills

A new feature of Apple’s iOS9 software has led to a Wi-Fi Assist lawsuit as customers face large data bills that they did not expect to incur. Wi-Fi Assist, which was introduced by Apple in September 2015, allows iPhones and cellular-equipped iPads to automatically switch to cellular data when a wi-fi is weak or dropped. While the feature allows for a smoother online experience, many customers are not aware of it, and some have incurred unexpectedly large data bills. Lawsuits claim that Apple failed to adequately disclose the risk that the Wi-Fi Assist, which is activated in devices by default, would cause customers to exceed the limits of their data plans, and affected consumers are seeking to recover the costs they unexpectedly paid.

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Lawsuit: Apple Misrepresented Wi-Fi Assist Functions

A lawsuit filed by a California couple on behalf of a class of individuals similarly situated claims that Apple breached its duty to disclose to customers that Wi-Fi Assist was activated by default on their devices and that it could cause users to exceed the limits of their data plans without their knowledge.

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Wi-Fi Assist is designed to give iPhone users the smoothest and most consistent experience possible when using the Internet. Some Apple customers are pleased that Wi-Fi Assist allows them to stay online even when their Wi-Fi signal drops. Others, especially those with low-usage data plans, have complained about unexpected charges on their phone bill.

The lawsuit also alleges that Apple engaged in false advertising with respect to the feature.

Affected Consumers May be Entitled to Compensation

When the failure of a company to disclose a risk associated with its product causes harm or financial loss to a user of that product, the company could be liable for any damage that result. In the Apple Wi-Fi Assist lawsuit, if the allegations of misrepresentation and false advertising against the company are proven, customers may be able to recover the costs they paid for cellular data that was used without their knowledge or consent.

Affected customers are encouraged to seek the advice of an experienced attorney to learn more about their rights and remedies.

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