Wrongful Death Attorneys Discuss Cracker Barrel Shooting

wrongful death attorneyWhile many feel that no place is safe to go anymore, others feel that existing in fear is not the way to live one’s life. Unfortunately, tragedies occur at schools, parks, homes, restaurants and everywhere in between. What is your family to do if you are left standing face to face with danger? According to surviving family members of loved ones killed in an unfortunate fatal shooting at a restaurant, it is the restaurant’s responsibility to protect the well-being and safety of its patrons.

Cracker Barrel Shooting

The public almost always showers praise and awards on Good Samaritans, but in a Cracker Barrel shooting in Brooklyn, employees have been accused of negligence for failing to help a woman and her two daughters before the three were killed an April 2012 domestic dispute.

This is the allegation put forth by the woman’s brother with the assistance of a wrongful death attorney. According to witnesses, the Cracker Barrel shooting first started as a domestic dispute between the woman and her husband, who had taken their daughters to the restaurant to celebrate the woman’s birthday.

However, according to police reports, the mother informed the father that she was leaving him. The scene then turned to chaos as the father threatened to kill all of them and left the restaurant, said the wrongful death attorney representing the deceased woman’s brother.

During the five minutes of terror that ensued, the woman called police and a friend and begged the manager of the establishment to allow them to hide in the walk-in cooler of the restaurant. However, the manager refused and allegedly told the woman that the restaurant does not get involved in domestic disputes.

It was then that the father returned and opened fire on his wife and two daughters, who were seeking shelter in a restroom. Responding to the Cracker Barrel shooting, police offers killed the gunman. The brother’s wrongful death attorney said that the family was left to fend for themselves in a potentially dangerous and obviously panicked atmosphere.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Follows

With the help of a wrongful death attorney, the surviving relatives of the slain women in the Cracker Barrel shooting filed a lawsuit on October 10, 2013. In the claim, the brother of the deceased woman claims that Cracker Barrel is obligated to protect its customers and acted negligently for failing to protect the woman and her daughters when they needed help. He is seeking punitive damages designed to punish the restaurant for its alleged wrongdoings in connection with the Cracker Barrel shootings.

Horrible Tragedies Do Happen

Unfortunately, devastating incidents occur each day. However, if you have been affected by a serious or life-threatening situation or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, you do not have to deal with the aftermath alone. A wrongful death attorney can handle the legalities surrounding the incident so that you can focus on healing. Attorney Group is here to answer your questions to the best of our ability and aim to take some of the confusion out of the legal situation that follows. If we feel that you have a claim, we can connect suffering families with an experienced wrongful death attorney to file for compensation.