Widow Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Husband Falls Out of Plane

wrongful death lawsuitWrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Plane Incident

The widow of a Brooklyn, Iowa man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after her husband fell about 650 feet out of an airplane on August 16, 2013. The plaintiffs include Skydive Iowa, the company that owned the plane the man was pulled out of, its owner, and the pilot who operated the aircraft on the day of the incident.

The man joined the pilot for a flight on a Cessna 206 from his hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa, to the city of Grinnell about 15 miles away; both communities are fewer than 70 miles east of Des Moines. The 56-year-old passenger had been seatless and had no safety belt as every seat in that particular airplane had been removed other than the one that the pilot used. The Brooklyn man had been given a parachute by an employee with Skydive Iowa and told that it was required. He was not provided with a pre-flight briefing that could have informed him about safety equipment information.

After the plane had reached an altitude of more than 1,000 feet, the parachute unexpectedly deployed, and he was then sucked out of an open door on the right side of the plane. The parachute got caught on the tail, which caused the aircraft to stall and drop to about 700 feet above the ground before it could be brought back under control. At that point, the parachute came off the tail.

According to the wrongful death lawsuit, “[He] would not have been pulled from the aircraft and killed if he had not been required to wear a parachute,” and Skydive Iowa did not comply with federal safety regulations. The wrongful death lawsuit is asking for punitive damages related to negligent or reckless behavior as well as damages for “loss of spousal support” and “loss of enjoyment of life.”

Do You Need Legal Counsel in an Airplane Accident?

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