Status Conference Scheduled for Xarelto Lawsuit Attorneys

The judge overseeing the federal Xarelto litigation will meet to discuss the process of moving the litigation forward at a status conference. The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation ordered consolidated pretrial proceedings in December 2014 for all Xarelto lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen subsidiary and Bayer, bringing the cases before a U.S. district judge in federal court in the Eastern District of Louisiana.

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Xarelto Claims to Be DiscussedXarelto claims

Drug makers are facing at least 220 product liability lawsuits in federal multidistrict litigation involving claims of life-threatening, and potentially fatal, bleeding complications and injuries caused by side effects of the blood-thinner, Xarelto. Plaintiffs argue the companies failed both to adequately warn of the risks of the drug and to release an antidote to reverse its anti-clotting effects.

According to an agenda for the status conference, the parties are expected to discuss several pretrial issues with the U.S. district judge, including a possible tolling agreement (an agreement typically used to allow parties additional time to evaluate their claims’ legitimacy and/or amount of damages before the statute of limitations runs), and the drafting of a master complaint. The parties will also discuss the most efficient way to coordinate the pending federal Xarelto claims with state cases that are also currently pending across the U.S.

It is also expected that a small number of lawsuits will be chosen as bellwether cases as part of the coordinated pretrial proceedings. These lawsuits will be prepared for early trial dates to help the defendants and plaintiffs gauge how juries might respond to testimony and evidence likely to be presented throughout the litigation.

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