Drug Makers Accused of Withholding Data From Safety Trials

A Xarelto bleeding lawyer notes that the makers of the blood thinner are accused of withholding critical data from safety trials. Reports suggest that the pharmaceutical companies may have misled a medical journal by omitting some crucial data relating to Xarelto and its safety. Patients who suffered uncontrollable bleeding and other serious side effects while taking Xarelto may be eligible to pursue compensation with the assistance of a Xarelto attorney.

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Report: Blood Testing Device Used in Xarelto Trials May Have Been Faulty

The pharmaceutical companies responsible for developing the blood-thinning medication Xarelto, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer, may have concealed key data from trials of the drug during an investigation of those trials, according to a federal legal briefing. The trials, which compared Xarelto to the widely used anticoagulant warfarin, utilized data collected with a blood-testing device that eventually was recalled and may have produced misleading results, as businessinsider.com reports. After conducting a review to assess the validity of the trial results, the makers of Xarelto may have prevented an accurate third-party evaluation of the findings by withholding data from a peer reviewer.

The review ultimately found that the use of the faulty blood-testing device did not significantly affect the outcome of the trials. However, litigation involving Xarelto, which includes over 5,000 lawsuits and 500 claims of wrongful death, suggests that these trials might not have accurately represented the risks and efficacy of the blood-thinning agent. Furthermore, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is still in the process of investigating whether flawed data during the trials may have led to the inappropriate approval of Xarelto, the website reported.

How a Xarelto Bleeding Lawyer Can Help

Drug manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are accompanied by full and accurate instructions and warnings to guide prescribing doctors and other health care providers in making treatment decisions. If a drug maker fails to fulfill this duty, it could be held liable in lawsuits for injuries that may result.

People injured by bad drugs may be eligible to recover money for:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering

The families of those who have died may be eligible to recover money for funeral expenses and the pain that comes with losing a loved one.

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