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Florida Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

A Closer Look with Florida Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys

Florida Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys As anyone with type 2 diabetes knows, managing the condition is a time-consuming task. That is why the new drug Bydureon seemed so promising […]

florida janumet lawsuit attorneys

Florida Janumet Lawsuit Attorneys Fighting for Victims

Florida Janumet Lawsuit Attorneys In 2007, the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Company released a wonder drug for treating diabetes. They combined one of their pre-existing blood sugar reducing […]

florida granuflo lawsuit attorneys

Florida GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys Find Fault

Florida GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys To date, over 500,000 Americans undergo dialysis treatments every year. They receive these treatments as a way to prevent kidney illnesses and other harmful […]

Florida Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Florida Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys Warn of Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Florida Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys Lipitor is from a class of medications called statins. It is frequently prescribed to treat high cholesterol. Lipitor works by preventing the liver from […]