Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit Filed by New York Resident

Actos bladder cancer lawsuitRecent Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

An Actos bladder cancer lawsuit has been filed by attorneys on behalf of a New York man who took the medication for a year to treat his Type II Diabetes. The lawsuit asserts that the plaintiff was prescribed the medication in September 2003. In 2010, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The Actos bladder cancer lawsuit also states that the medication was responsible for severe and permanent damage to the plaintiff, including removal of one kidney and multiple surgeries.

This Actos bladder cancer lawsuit is just one of many suits filed because Actos allegedly did serious harm to the patient. The lawsuit claims that the manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals America Inc., knew that the prescription medication could cause bladder cancer but failed to inform physicians or the public.

Actos was approved in 1999 by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for treating Type II Diabetes. In 2011, the FDA warned of the potential risk for bladder cancer if taking the drug for longer than one year. A study of 1.5 million diabetic patients in France was conducted from 2006-2009. The study found that men who took Actos had a significantly higher risk for bladder cancer than those who took other anti-diabetic drugs. Sales of Actos were suspended in France and Germany as a result.

The Importance Of Legal Counsel

The New York Actos bladder cancer lawsuit is just one of many that are pending against the manufacturer. If you or a loved one developed bladder cancer after being on Actos for an extended period of time, consider seeking a free consultation with Attorney Group to explore your options.

Manufacturers have an obligation to report the potential hazards of medications so the populace can make informed decisions about their healthcare. A patient that has been harmed by a medication may have legal recourse to seek compensation for damages. Contact Attorney Group today.