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Multi-Billion Dollar Settlement of Actos Claims

Drug maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals, whose diabetes drug Actos has been linked to bladder cancer in patients who were prescribed the drug, has agreed to a $2.2 billion Actos […]

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

$3.65 Million Verdict Reached In Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

Takeda Pharmaceuticals was recently ordered by a Pennsylvania jury to pay $3.65 million in¬†compensatory and punitive damages to a teacher diagnosed with¬†bladder cancer after taking Actos, a well-known […]

Juries Order Awards for Actos and Cancer of the Bladder Patients

A jury recently awarded a West Virginia man $155,000 when it was discovered that drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceutical destroyed files that held evidence that the diabetes drug, Actos, […]

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Takeda, Lilly Lose Bid to Overturn $9 Billion Actos Trial Award

Eli Lilly and Takeda Pharmaceuticals recently lost a bid to have a judge dismiss a combined $9 billion award for punitive damages over claims that the companies purposefully […]

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Massachusetts Files Actos Lawsuit

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts filed an Actos lawsuit on June 11, 2014 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, seeking compensation for […]

xarelto issues

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit Filed by New York Resident

Recent Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit An Actos bladder cancer lawsuit has been filed by attorneys on behalf of a New York man who took the medication for a […]

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Actos Bladder Cancer Attorney

Should You Consider an Actos Bladder Cancer Attorney? Actos is prescribed to type 2 diabetes patients to help them better manage their conditions. Approved in 1999 by the […]

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$9 Billion Punitive Damage Award in Actos Cancer Lawsuit

Actos Cancer Lawsuit According to a recent Bloomberg article, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited was ordered to pay $6 billion in punitive damages based on allegations that included accusations […]

Actos lawsuit news update

Actos Lawsuit News Update: Trial Takes Harsh Turn

According to the most recent Actos lawsuit news update, the first federal trial pertaining to allegations linking Actos to bladder cancer took a hostile turn after the presiding […]

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November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

According to the American Cancer Society, about 22,740 men and 22,480 women will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during the year 2013, and the disease will claim the […]

The Deadly Truth About Prescription Drugs

Share this Image On Your Site <a //attorneygroup.com/the-deadly-truth-about-prescription-drugs/”><img src=”//attorneygroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Heathly-to-Dead-Bad-Drug-cycle.jpg” alt=”Healthy to Dead: The Truth about Prescription Drugs” /></a> Drugs Discussed: Lipitor, Actos, Januvia, Byetta. To discuss your case […]

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Actos Lawsuits and Deadly Side-Effects

What is Actos? Actos, first released in 1992 by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, was originally proclaimed to be a wonder drug for those struggling to control type 2 diabetes as […]