Actos Lawsuit News Update: Trial Takes Harsh Turn

Actos lawsuit news updateAccording to the most recent Actos lawsuit news update, the first federal trial pertaining to allegations linking Actos to bladder cancer took a hostile turn after the presiding judge determined that the manufacturer deliberately deleted key evidence. The judge cited serious concerns regarding Takeda Pharmaceutical’s conduct by informing the jury that 46 of the company’s files were missing.

Actos Lawsuit News Update

U.S. District Judge Rebecca Doherty, overseeing the trial which was the first of 3,000 cases brought before her in Louisiana, asserted that Takeda’s claim that its files were deleted, lost or destroyed was “disturbing.” According to Actos lawsuit news updates, some 6,000 claims are currently pending across the country, alleging that Actos may increase a patient’s risk of developing bladder cancer.

Takeda has since objected to the order, stating that the sanctions would strongly influence the outcome of the first bellwether trial in the multidistrict litigation. The company asserts that it is committed to the safety of its patients and remains confident that Actos is an important treatment for type 2 diabetes.

The missing files in question included paper documents, emails and other data from personal computers. Actos lawsuit news reports acknowledged that plaintiffs accused Takeda of deliberately deleting the files after attorneys obtained emails from another pharmaceutical company that raised questions about the safety of the medication. Information that belonged to top clinical executives and former key officers at Takeda had mysteriously vanished; 38 files were destroyed after the drug maker placed a litigation hold on all materials related to Actos in 2002.

Now, all eyes are on the first bellwether trial, which involves a plaintiff who had allegedly developed bladder cancer after taking the medication to treat type 2 diabetes. The plaintiff claims that he was not aware of the potential side effects of Actos, including bladder cancer, at the time that the medication was prescribed to him. Plaintiffs in the pending litigation allege that Takeda hid that information from the public.

Actos Overview

Actos, manufactured and marketed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, was initially approved by the FDA in 1992. It was originally thought to be a wonder drug for those currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as the manufacturer had promised little or no side effects. The drug was designed to help the patient’s cells to become more sensitive to the insulin produced by the pancreas. Actos lawsuit news updates reported that Takeda grossed over $4.5 billion in the year ending March 2011 although clinical studies had allegedly linked the drug to congestive heart failure and bladder cancer.

As a result of these allegedly aggressive marketing tactics, thousands of type 2 diabetes patients jumped at the opportunity to try a new medication. However, pre-market clinical trials concluded that the medication could cause serious and life-threatening complications such as bladder failure, blindness, bladder cancer, heart cancer and bone fractures. Unfortunately, the medical and public communities were not informed of these risks until after Actos had been available for several years. Consequently, plaintiffs began to file lawsuits against Takeda in an effort to seek compensation for their injuries.

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