Auto Accidents Claim 19,000 Lives In First Half of 2015

Data from the first six months of 2015 reveals that injuries and fatalities from motor vehicle accidents are on the rise in 36 states. 19,000 people lost their lives and 2.3 million needed medical attention in the first half of 2015. The National Safety Council (NSC) suggests that this increase in serious accidents may be at least partly attributable to reckless driving habits, including speeding, driver inattention and impaired driving, auto accident lawyers note.

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NSC: Auto Deaths May Exceed 40,000 In 2015

The number of serious and deadly car accidents in the U.S. increased significantly between the first six months of 2014 and 2015, according to a recent report from the National Safety Council. Newsweek states that fatalities rose 14 percent, with almost 19,000 lives lost during the first half of 2015. Serious injuries increased about 30 percent, and altogether, 2.3 million injuries necessitated medical attention.

The NSC believes this development points to a long-term pattern, rather than a temporary aberration. The current fatality rate suggests that 2015 may be the worst year since 2007 in terms of traffic deaths. Given the large number of accidents that typically occur during the summer months, which weren’t included in this data set, total deaths this year may exceed 40,000.

This rise in injuries and fatalities may be due to various factors. With the economy improving and more people working, the average mileage each driver travels has increased. Still, deaths per person and per mile traveled are also rising. This suggests that other variables may be behind the increase in serious accidents. The NSC has pointed to unsafe driving habits, such as speeding, drunk driving and distracted driving, as potential contributing factors, the website reported.

Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help Injured Drivers or Passengers

Drivers or passengers who are injured in car accidents may be entitled to compensation for damages resulting from their injuries, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income or ability to work
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish resulting from an injury

If a driver or passenger is killed in a car accident, his or her family members may be able to pursue compensation for the wrongful death of their loved one. Wrongful death damages can include:

  • Mental anguish, and pain and suffering from the loss of a loved one
  • Loss of relationship or financial support of a loved one
  • Funeral expenses
  • Conscious pain and suffering or a loved one prior to death

People who have been injured in a car accident are advised to seek a qualified car accident attorney to help them protect their legal rights.

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