Parents Suffer More Bicycle Injuries Than Their Kids

Bicycle accident attorneys note that bicycle crashes that result in serious injuries are occurring more frequently among adult riders, especially older adults, according to a new study. During the 15-year study, both head injuries and injuries that resulted in hospitalization became more common. Although bicycle accidents may result from a product defect in the bike itself like faulty brakes, poorly designed tires, a weak frame, or other flaws, personal injury attorneys are aware that the majority of bicycle accidents typically occur due to motorist inattention.

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Adults Over 45 Represent Over 40 Percent Of Bicycle Accident Injury Victims

New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that the number of adults injured in bicycle accidents each year is on the rise. According to CNN, after reviewing data from over 100 emergency rooms, researchers found that bike accident injuries rose 28 percent from 1998 to 2013. Over the same period, the proportion of bike accidents that led to head injuries increased over 50 percent, and accidents that led to hospitalization increased 120 percent.

This data does not however reveal the total number of bike accident injuries that are occurring each year as some accidents go unreported, and some cyclists choose not to seek care for minor injuries. Furthermore, emergency room data doesn’t reflect injuries that do not merit immediate medical attention.

According to the data that is available, the effects of this increase in serious bicycle accident injuries are most evident among cyclists over the age of 45. These adults, who now represent over 40 percent of bicycle accident injury victims, are more likely to suffer harm during crashes than younger riders are. Since 1998, injuries among older riders have increased 80 percent, and related hospitalizations have risen 66 percent, the website reported.

Injured Bicycle Riders May Be Entitled to Compensation

Bicycle riders who are injured in bicycle accidents may be entitled to compensation for damages resulting from their injuries, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income or ability to work
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish resulting from an injury

If a rider is killed in a bicycle accident, his or her family members may be able to pursue compensation for the wrongful death of their loved one. Wrongful death damages can include:

  • Mental anguish, and pain and suffering from the loss of a loved one
  • Loss of relationship or financial support of a loved one
  • Funeral expenses
  • Conscious pain and suffering or a loved one prior to death

People who have been injured in a bicycle accident are advised to seek a qualified bicycle accident attorney to help them protect their legal rights.

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