BMW Emissions Lawsuit to Follow Volkswagen Scandal?

Product liability attorneys note the potential for a BMW emissions lawsuit similar to the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal, as news reports claim that one model of BMW diesel vehicles emits 11 times the amount of a certain pollutant than allowed by European regulators. Dozens of VW emissions class action lawsuits have been filed since the automaker admitted to cheating on U.S. pollution tests, and attorneys believe that the discovery of any similar misconduct on the part of BMW could lead to a similar BMW emissions class action.

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Reports: Emissions “Curiously High”; BMW Stock Tumbles 5%

According to USA Today, despite vehement protests from the automaker, BMW’s

[S]hares tumbled about 5% Thursday following Auto Bild magazine’s report that the International Council on Clean Transportation [ICCT] had discovered curiously high emissions on the BMW X3 crossover vehicle.

The report goes on to state that the ICCT has been conducting on-road testing of a number of other European diesel model cars from 10 different automakers and that the average vehicle was emitting a certain pollutant at “twice the regulatory limit.”

Affected Consumers May Be Entitled to Compensation

Automakers have a duty to manufacture and sell vehicles that are safe and meet applicable regulatory requirements. If they fail to do so, then consumers who have purchased those vehicles could be entitled to compensation for such things as the reduced value of their car and the costs of any repairs needed to satisfy regulatory requirements. Additionally, intentional actions on the part of an automaker could give rise to possible violations of state and federal deceptive trade practices acts.

Is a BMW Emissions Lawsuit Possible?

It may be too early to tell whether a BMW emissions lawsuit or a BMW pollution class action is going to be filed. Unlike the circumstances that led to the filing of a VW emissions lawsuit and class action, in which Volkswagen admitted to wrongdoing, BMW has initially denied any attempt to deceive consumers or regulators. Emissions lawsuit attorneys nevertheless expect that pollution issues for VW, BMW and other diesel automakers will come under intense scrutiny and that lawsuits will follow any evidence of wrongdoing.

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