Bono Escapes Injury in Airplane Mishap, Others Not as Lucky

bono-airpane-mishapBono OK After Cargo Door Falls Off Plane

U2 lead singer Bono and his fellow travelers recently experienced a few “white knuckle” moments when a door fell off their chartered jet during a flight from Ireland to Germany.

Bono and the other five occupants of the plane escaped injury. The German-registered Learjet 60 was descending to land at Berlin when the aircraft’s rear cargo door separated from the fuselage and fell to the ground. Luggage belonging to Bono and his companions was actually lost from the cargo hold, but the pilot was able to maintain control and land the aircraft safely. The cause has yet to be determined, but an investigation will be needed to ascertain whether the door problem resulted from a specific defect or from a maintenance error.

Nine Aboard Learjet Killed During Landing

It was the second incident involving a Learjet last week. Just three days before Bono’s airplane mishap, passengers and crew of a similar aircraft were not so lucky. In that case, all nine aboard were killed when the jet crashed in the Bahamas. The plane slammed into a shipyard while attempting to land at Freeport-Grand Bahama International Airport. The catastrophic nature of this accident could add to the difficulty of determining a probable cause.

An airplane mishap often results from a complicated chain of events. Pilot error is an underlying factor in many mishaps, but there may also be a number of issues that contribute to the initial mistake or to the seriousness of the crash. A malfunction in an altimeter or some other vital instrument may play a role an airplane mishap, as may a flaw in the way a certain component was designed or installed.

These two examples of airplane mishaps illustrate the ongoing hazards of flying. If you or a family member are injured in an airplane mishap, you should contact an attorney to find out if you are eligible to receive monetary compensation to help you get back on your feet or put your life back together. This is where Attorney Group can help.

Have You Or Someone You Love Been Injured in an Airplane Mishap?

Damages may be sought to help cover your medical costs or for the pain and suffering related to the injury that you suffered in an airplane mishap. They may also be needed to make up for lost wages and, in the case of a death, as compensation to surviving family members. A personal injury attorney can help assure the best possible outcome of your case. In the event of an airplane mishap, you should turn to Attorney Group to obtain the advice on collecting the money to which you may be entitled.