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Washington Plane Crash Survivor

Washington Plane Crash Survivor Found Alive Days After Accident

Airplane accident attorneys note the remarkable news of a Washington plane crash survivor who was found by a motorist days after her aircraft crashed into the mountains in […]

10 Deadly U.S. Airline Accidents (and Notable Near Misses)

Although generally considered to be one of the safest forms of travel, with an average of over 9 million flights occurring every year in the U.S. alone, commercial […]

plane crash survivor

Plane Crash Survivor Could Help Investigators

A 7-year-old plane crash survivor may be able to assist investigators in determining what happened when her family’s plane crashed in Kentucky, sources have said. But how soon […]

Report: Not All Plane Crash Investigations Are Handled Equally

Plane crash investigations involving famous people receive more attention from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) than those involving people who are not famous or politically connected, according […]

Family: NTSB Report of Inhofe Plane Crash Wrong

A lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer of an aircraft involved in the Inhofe plane crash that took the life of a United States senator’s son. The […]

Maryland Plane Crash Kills 6

A family was ripped apart and a company’s leadership was destroyed in second after a devastating Maryland plane crash left six dead Monday near a suburban Washington, D.C., […]

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Couple File Plane Crash Lawsuit

A small cargo plane went down and crashed into a residence on Nov. 18, 2014, near Midway Airport in Chicago, missing the couple who lived in the home […]

Bono Escapes Injury in Airplane Mishap, Others Not as Lucky

Bono OK After Cargo Door Falls Off Plane U2 lead singer Bono and his fellow travelers recently experienced a few “white knuckle” moments when a door fell off […]