Maryland Plane Crash Kills 6

A family was ripped apart and a company’s leadership was destroyed in second after a devastating Maryland plane crash left six dead Monday near a suburban Washington, D.C., airport.

Crash Details

On Dec. 8, 2014, Michael Rosenberg, CEO and founder of Health Decisions, a clinical development company, was piloting a twin-engine Embraer EMB-500/Phenom 100. He was making an instrument approach to Montgomery County Airport. About 1 mile from the airport, the plane appeared to be out of control, according to witnesses. They described the plane as coming in too low before the plane rolled sideways just before crashing, upside down, into a house, causing a massive explosion in the Maryland plane crash. Plane Crash House

Victims of Crash

Rosenberg, 66, along with his two passengers, David Hartman, 52, and Chijioke Ogbuka, 31, all were killed in the crash. All three were from Raleigh, N.C. On the ground, Marie Gemmell and her two sons, Cole, 3, and Devon, an infant, who were in the house that the plane hit, died of smoke inhalation. Mrs. Gemmell was found in a second-floor bathroom, huddled over her children. Investigators believe she may have been trying to shield the children from debris.

Previous Accident

According to reports including those from CNN, In 2010, Rosenberg was the pilot in a small plane as it was landing at Montgomery County Airport. The plane left the runway, skidded 100 feet and crashed, nose down, into trees. Injuries during that accident were minor. The NTSB reported that a stall alarm sounded just before the plane crashed, causing the pilot to abort and make another attempt. The attempt was not successful as the plane climbed about ten feet then crashed nose down.

The Maryland plane crash is still under investigation and a cause is not known at this time. However, there are reports that the black box recorders from the plane in the Maryland plane crash indicated a stall alarm was going off as well.

Has a Loved One Been Killed in a Plane Crash?

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