Plane Crash Survivor Could Help Investigators

A 7-year-old plane crash survivor may be able to assist investigators in determining what happened when her family’s plane crashed in Kentucky, sources have said. But how soon that might be remains unclear.

The young girl, who was dressed in a short-sleeve shirt and shorts, walked 1 mile in near-freezing temperatures through woods and briar patches before she found help. She did so after crawling out of the wreckage of the plane crash in which she had just been involved. Her father’s Piper PA-34 plane went down in western Kentucky. No one yet is sure what caused it to crash The girl’s father – a flight instructor, licensed commercial pilot and the one who was flying the plane – mother, sister and cousin were killed. plane crash survivor

The Price of Being a Plane Crash Survivor

No one knows what price the young girl in Kentucky will pay for being the lone plane crash survivor. But survivors of a traumatic experience can be left to deal with long-term problems. Whether it’s injuries from the plane crash itself or the loved ones left behind, plane crash survivors can pay a heavy price.

Plane Crash Survivors dealing with the death of a loved one in a traumatic event can face the costs of:

  • A funeral and burial
  • Finalizing an estate
  • Lost wages and support
  • Emotional pain

Plane Crash Survivors dealing with injuries of their can face the cost of:

  • Medical treatment
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

Attorney Group is Here to Help Plane Crash Survivors

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