Here Are Tips to Help You Prevent Falls, Improve Broken Hip Recovery

While falling from a bed or a chair may not seem like a serious situation, it can be a death sentence for an older person who is living with hip complications. According to statistics, falls are the leading cause of death from an injury for elder Americans, and 75 percent of individuals who sustain hip fractures are women. In many cases, the fractured hip and the broken hip recovery begin a chain reaction, typically because older people are also suffering from underlying conditions such as dementia, hypertension, arthritis, or diabetes. Delaying surgery for just 24 hours following a fracture can increase the chances of complications and death, most commonly caused by pneumonia following an injury.physical therapist helps a woman on crutches

While 90 percent of hip fractures are caused by falls, falling can usually be prevented. Taking common-sense steps such as obtaining an updated prescription for glasses, installing better lighting, and removing potentially dangerous rugs are good places to begin. In some cases, many believe that those who are afraid of falling are actually more likely to fall, so addressing the psychological side as well as the physical side to falls may also be in an elderly individual’s best interest.

However, one of the best ways to prevent a fall is to improve balance. Natural changes as we age make it more difficult for an elderly person to remain upright. These changes can include alterations in vision, hearing, and proprioception, or the awareness of where one’s body is in space. If senior citizens can learn to better use their senses, they may be less likely to fall. Additionally, when seniors fall, it is typically during multitasking, so teaching elderly individuals to cope with visual or auditory distractions as they are attempting to maintain their posture control can help to reduce the risk of falls and the chance that they will need to cope with a broken hip recovery.

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