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TV Lawyers
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Our 10 Favorite TV Lawyers

Over the years, we’ve seen countless TV lawyers. Some have earned their fame winning case after case in dramatic trial scenes, while others have entertained us with their […]

household items

9 Common Household Items That Can Harm a Child

New parents often spend considerable time and effort “baby-proofing” a home. From cushioning hard corners to locking cabinets to plugging electric outlets, parents of toddlers need to be […]

Celebrity car accidents

10 Deadly Celebrity Car Accidents

Celebrity car accidents often make national news as a noteworthy event involving a famous person. Because of the extensive coverage usually given to these accidents, as well as […]

Here Are Tips to Help You Prevent Falls, Improve Broken Hip Recovery

While falling from a bed or a chair may not seem like a serious situation, it can be a death sentence for an older person who is living […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Toy List for This Holiday Season

With the Christmas shopping season quickly approaching, children are creating their list of the toys they want most under the tree on Christmas morning. Parents may want to […]