23 Women Dead in Canada, Yaz Lawsuits Ensue

Yaz Lawsuits Filed After Deaths in Canada

yaz lawsuitsBirth control pills have always carried with them certain health risks. Although “the pill” revolutionized birth control, the decision to use oral contraceptives is one that should be carefully considered, and all the risks should be evaluated. Yasmin and Yaz were approved for use in Canada in 2004 and 2008, and since then, serious questions have emerged about their safety. Do Yasmin and Yaz carry a higher risk than other oral contraceptives, and is it a risk that was underestimated by the drug’s manufacturer, Bayer? The plethora of Yaz lawsuits being filed would say, “Yes.”

The Facts

Twenty-three women in Canada have reportedly died while taking either Yasmin or Yaz, and many believe that their deaths are connected to their use of the oral contraceptives. Most of the women have died suddenly as a result of blood clots, spawning Yaz lawsuits.

Both Yasmin and Yaz are newer formulations that differ from earlier-generation birth control pills. If you are currently taking Yaz, you should know that it contains both synthetic progestin and another ingredient which is exclusive to Bayer called drospirenone.

While older-generation oral contraceptives were known to carry a risk of blood clots in one out of every 10,000 women, the risk from Yaz may be significantly higher. Health Canada warned users that as many as three in 10,000 women taking Yaz may be at risk of developing blood clots.

Facing the Consequences

A class-action Yaz lawsuit has been filed against Bayer on behalf of hundreds of women in the Ontario area over the alleged increased risk of serious and potentially fatal side-effects, such as blood clots. As with other medications, other side-effects are possible when using Yaz, but so far, the most serious of those appear to be blood clots.

Bayer, having already paid out over $1 billion as a result of Yaz lawsuits in the United States, faces the prospect of more penalties resulting from the law suit in Ontario, which could be the beginning of a round of Yaz lawsuits in Canada as other potential victims learn more about the risks of taking Yaz.


In addition to the tragic deaths of 23 women that may have been caused by the oral contraceptives, there were a further 600 adverse reactions reported by doctors and pharmacists between 2007 and 2013 with patients taking either Yasmin or Yaz. The majority of deaths reportedly happened within a short time of starting on the birth control pills. In the case of one 18-year-old from British Columbia who suddenly died while exercising at a gym, it was only five weeks between the time she started taking Yasmin and the day she died suddenly. More than 50 percent of the deaths of women taking either Yasmin or Yaz were under the age of 26, with some of them being as young as 14. Blood clots can strike without warning, and deny a victim any opportunity to seek medical attention before it is too late. There’s little doubt that more Yaz lawsuits will be filed.

The attorney representing the women in the Ontario Yaz lawsuits says that the number of deaths that may be associated with the drugs may be underreported. Because many doctors may not be fully aware of all the risks associated with the pills, some deaths may not have been connected with them. Other allegations include reports of women who have suffered as a result of other side-effects of Bayer’s oral contraceptives, including strokes and conditions that require alleged victims to take blood-thinning medications for the remainder of their lives.

What You Can Do

In response to the Yaz lawsuits, Bayer maintains that patient safety is their primary concern, and they continue to stand behind both Yasmin and Yaz. With Bayer scheduled for a showing in an Ontario courtroom on September 4th, it is likely that more light will be shed on the issue as the Yaz lawsuits start to work their way through the courts.

If you are a woman currently taking Yaz, or know someone who is, it’s important to carefully evaluate the risks, which may be extremely serious. Attorney Group is available to assist people who believe that they may have experienced serious side-effects from Yaz. They have the experience to make sure you understand your rights and the options that are available to you. Join the Yaz lawsuits by contacting Attorney Group today.