Lawsuit: Richmond City Employees Denied Overtime Pay

An unpaid overtime lawyer notes a lawsuit that claims 134 Richmond City, Virginia, employees were improperly denied overtime pay. The lawsuit involving the Department of Social Services workers follows a 2015 lawsuit in which the city of Richmond settled with other employees for $750,000 relating to a similar overtime pay dispute. An unpaid wages lawyer can help an employee recover the compensation he or she deserves.

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Report: An Agreement May Be On the Horizon as Mayor Offers Settlement

According to, Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ administration is asking the City Council to sign off on a $2.7 million settlement to resolve a lawsuit in which 134 Department of Social Services employees say they were improperly denied overtime pay. The lawsuit expands on a similar lawsuit that covered 26 social services employees, which the city settled in 2015 for $750,000.

The latest suit covers additional employees who weren’t party to the initial claim, but it also includes some employees who participated in the earlier lawsuit but continued to not receive the overtime pay that they said they were entitled to after it was filed. It is not clear how much money each of the employees will receive, and how much of the sum covers back wages as opposed to possible penalties or damages.

The plaintiffs in the case claimed they regularly worked more than 40 hours per week without overtime pay that they said they were entitled to receive under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The lawsuit alleges that caseworkers in the department had excessive caseloads, which required them to work through lunch breaks, at home after office hours and on weekends. The issue is not the first wage dispute brought forward by municipal employees in the region.

In 2012, Henrico County, Virginia, paid $3.5 million to its police officers after they alleged the county was avoiding overtime pay by manipulating the way hours were recorded. Richmond faced a similar issue in its Police Department in 2011, ultimately spending $7 million to settle a lawsuit over unpaid overtime filed by officers in the city, the website reported.

How an Unpaid Overtime Lawyer Can Help

Employers may have resources available to them to defend an unpaid overtime lawsuit or retaliation claims, so it is important for an affected employee or employees to seek counsel from an unpaid overtime lawyer to learn more about their rights and remedies.

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