Potential Credit Card Breach Under Investigation at Trump Hotels

Data breach lawsuit attorneys note news reports of a potential credit card breach in Donald Trump’s hotel organization. A number of U.S. banks reportedly traced possible credit and debit card fraud to accounts used at Trump Hotels. A representative for the organization stated that an investigation has been launched into the potential breach.

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Breach May Go Back As Far As February 2015

According to a USA Today report, the potential credit card breach is linked to transactions as far back as February 2015. Cards used for purchases in Trump properties across the U.S. during that period are reportedly affected, including those made Chicago, Miami, Honolulu, Las Vegas and New York.

Customers affected by the breach reported fraudulent charges on their accounts to the associated banks. These financial institutions established a pattern among these customers that linked back to the Trump properties.

How Customers’ Data Can Be Breached

Hackers can use the following methods to steal customer data and fraudulently purchase and resell valuable items:

  • Installation of malicious software on a company’s cash registers that can collect account data from the magnetic stripes on customer cards.
  • Copying the account data to the magnetic stripe on a fake card.
  • Purchasing valuable items with the fake card and resell them for cash.

The financial industry is currently implementing a card system using security chips that are less vulnerable to hackers. 

Affected Customers May Be Entitled to Compensation

Customers who are victims of a data breach may be entitled to compensation for potentially compromised personal information, and the responsible party may be held liable for the financial losses that customers suffered as a result of the data breach.

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