Gas Explosion Lawsuit Litigation Months After Incident

gas explosion lawsuitSeven months have passed since an explosion leveled an apartment building in the neighborhood of Gate City in Birmingham, Alabama, injuring eight residents and killing one woman. According to recent media reports, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is continuing its investigation into the incident, as eight gas explosion lawsuits are pending. While attorneys for both parties have appeared for a status conference in early July 2014, little progress can be made on the gas explosion lawsuit litigation until the NTSB finishes its investigation.

Gas Explosion Lawsuits Filed
According to the NTSB, investigators believe that a leak in a natural gas pipe caused the explosion. As of this time, however, the agency has no updates, and these types of investigations could last for up to one year. However, despite the ongoing investigation, lawsuits have been filed against Alabama Gas Corporation.

One woman was killed in the Dec. 17, 2013 explosion, and her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in January 2014 against Alagasco, alleging that the company was negligent in maintaining cast iron gas distribution lines that were at least 62 years old and were connected to the building. The wrongful death lawsuit also names the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District, which operates the apartment buildings.

Other lawsuits filed against the housing authority and the gas company include a suit filed by the mother of the woman’s fiancé, who sustained critical injuries in the blast as well as another filed in December on behalf of a family who resided near the site of the explosion. Since the NTSB investigation has stalled the lawsuits, the judge overseeing the cases has asked the attorneys to gather their documents and be prepared to proceed as soon as the NTSB issues its report. Alagasco began to replace the pipelines throughout the apartment complex in January 2014 and finished the project two months later.

Gas explosions can temporarily or permanently injure or disfigure those affected and impact victims and their families for years to come. Should a party be deemed responsible for failing to maintenance a pipe or improperly servicing a gas line, he or she may be liable for any injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages that the victims might have incurred.

Do You Have a Gas Explosion Lawsuit?
If you or someone you love was injured or killed and you would like to learn more about filing a gas explosion lawsuit to recover damages for your condition or losses, please contact Attorney Group today. We can help you determine if you have a gas explosion lawsuit and put you in touch with an affiliated gas explosion lawsuit attorney who can assist you in pursuing your claim.