Are Propane Explosions Preventable?

propane explosionsPropane Explosions Cause Serious Damage

A 17-year-old Elgin, Texas youth suffered 4th degree burns over 40% of his body after an explosion at his home. The explosion, attributed to a propane leak in or around the house, occurred at 10:30 A.M. on June 8th, 2014. Investigators have confirmed that propane was the fuel, but have yet to narrow down the cause of ignition for the blast.

Incidents involving propane explosions are not isolated. A Victoria woman was caught in a similar blast with her infant child. There are similar incidents all around the country with propane playing a primary role in the tragedy. Though the case of the Elgin youth is still under investigation, many other propane explosions can be attributed to product failure or negligence.

A professional has a responsibility to perform maintenance and inspection duties to the letter of legally mandated regulations. Propane explosions may result if said professional neglects to fulfill their responsibility. That is not to suggest that homeowners are never at fault. Improper use or maintenance of a gas grill is a common source of propane explosions. Regardless of the alleged source, it is a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer soon after an accident.

Do I Really Need Legal Representation?

Major companies often have legal teams they use to represent their interests in the courtroom and minimize their liability for accidents. A personal injury lawyer is on an injured party’s side and fighting for their interests. Anyone affected by a tragedy needs an informed, clear mind focused on pursuing their best interests while they are managing the fallout.

Any accident is tragic, but the young man in Texas had nearly half his body covered in 4th degree burns. A 4th degree burn is so severe that it destroys the tissue to the point where amputation and excision of damaged tissue is mandatory. He is likely going to need reconstructive surgery, therapy, and extended care to heal. That doesn’t include any psychological problems that may emerge in coping with his injuries. And what if this propane explosion is found to be due to the negligence of someone else? That party could be held responsible for compensation for the damages incurred.

Seeking Legal Assistance

A personal injury lawyer should be considered if you or a loved one has been injured in a propane explosion. Contact Attorney Group today for a free consultation. We can help you understand your options, and connect you with an affiliated attorney.