Report: IHG Investigates Possible Holiday Inn Data Breach

A Holiday Inn data breach lawsuit may be an option for people whose credit cards were compromised after a possible credit card breach at some U.S. locations was discovered in December 2016. Affected individuals may be able to seek compensation with the help of a data breach lawsuit attorney.

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Customers Advised to Monitor Accounts for Suspicious Activity

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is the parent company for more than 5,000 hotels in over 100 countries, including Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express. According to KrebsOnSecurity, IHG is investigating claims of a possible credit card breach at some Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express locations in the United States.

The report included the following statement issued by IHG:

IHG takes the protection of payment card data very seriously. We were made aware of a report of unauthorized charges occurring on some payment cards that were recently used at a small number of U.S.-based hotel locations.  We immediately launched an investigation, which includes retaining a leading computer security firm to provide us with additional support.  We continue to work with the payment card networks.

Other hotel chains have been targeted by cyber thieves in the past few years. In many of those instances, cyber thieves placed malicious software on the point-of-sales devices at restaurants and bars inside the hotel chains, a tactic that has driven most credit card breaches in the past two years. Hackers use remote administration tools to access and load their malware onto the point-of-sales devices and ultimately capture consumer data from cards swiped at the registers.

In the meantime, IHG recommends that individuals who may be affected closely monitor their credit card statements, and if there are unauthorized charges, those individuals should notify their bank. Victims of a data breach are not liable for fraudulent charges.

Consumers Affected By a Holiday Inn Data Breach May Be Entitled to Compensation

Victims of data breaches may be entitled to receive compensation for any personal information that may have been compromised, and the responsible party may be liable for financial losses resulting from a data breach. Affected consumers should seek legal counsel from a Holiday Inn data breach lawsuit attorney to get more information about their rights and remedies.

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