mSpy Data Breach: Phone Monitoring Software Reportedly Hacked

An mSpy data breach has reportedly exposed a “massive” amount of customer data that was stolen from company servers and posted on a Deep Web Internet site. Stolen data apparently includes emails, text messages, payment and location information for mSpy users. mSpy markets cell phone tracking and monitoring software which allows users to track all activity on phones in which the software is installed.

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What is mSpy? Device Monitoring Software, Also Known as Spyware

mSpy claims to be the most popular monitoring application in the world. A user can install software on a phone or computer and then have the ability to track “text messages, call history, calendar information, IM chats, and determine phone GPS coordinates.” The company notes that the application should only be installed on a device which the user has a “right to monitor,” such as a phone or computer belonging to a child or employee. It is anticipated that the software is also widely used by suspicious spouses and significant others.

What Data Was Hacked? A “Massive Trove” of Personal Data

According to Krebs on Security, which reported the data breach on May 14:

[A] huge trove of data apparently stolen from the company’s servers was posted on the Deep Web, exposing countless emails, text messages, payment and location data on an undetermined number of mSpy “users.”

The message left by the unknown hackers who’ve claimed responsibility for this intrusion suggests that the data dump includes information on more than 400,000 users, including Apple IDs and passwords, tracking data, and payment details on some 145,000 successful transactions.

Also included in the data dump are thousands of support request emails from people around the world who paid between $8.33 to as much as $799 for a variety of subscriptions to mSpy’s surveillance software.

As of May 14, 2015, there was no further information about the data breach on the mSpy website.

What If My Data Was Hacked?

If you are an mSpy user and you are concerned that your data may be included in the mSpy data breach, you may be entitled to compensation for any personal information that was compromised. Parties responsible for data breaches may be liable for direct financial losses incurred as a result of identity theft, as well as costs associated with credit monitoring, in addition to other damages. Affected consumers should consider seeking legal counsel to learn more about their rights.

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