Could Pradaxa Litigation be the Cause of a Drop in Manufacturer Sales?

Pradaxa litigationBoehringer Ingelheim, the German manufacturer of Pradaxa, has seen a five-percent loss in sales over the first half of 2014. During that time the company encountered a number of lawsuits surrounding Pradaxa. Pradaxa litigation has led to large settlements and Boehringer Ingelheim reported selling some assets. Fierce Pharma reports: “[Boehringer Ingelheim] forecasts revenues will be down for the [rest of the] year as well, but it says by getting its house in order, its finances can improve after that. It has settled some nagging litigation and sold some assets.” The company’s net sales were down by over $470 million dollars.

Pradaxa Litigation the Cause?

One of the most serious challenges Boehringer Ingelheim faced was the barrage of over 4000 lawsuits related to injuries and deaths resulting from their anticoagulant, Pradaxa. Pradaxa is reported to cause serious and sometimes fatal bleeding in a number of patients. This isn’t the first time anticoagulants have seen controversial results. In 2013, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was notified of several hundred reports of adverse reactions submitted by patients who were taking Xarelto (Rivaroxaban), a similar drug manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Compared to Xarelto and warfarin, Pradaxa was advertised to be to be safer, with patients not having to go in for blood testing frequently. However, the risks and dangers are still an issue, as many lawsuits claim. Anticoagulant drugs in general are classified as high-risk prescription drugs on account of the danger of serious internal bleeding. According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, anticoagulants caused internal bleeding in some 15 percent of patients with atrial fibrillation exposed for a year. The Institute stated: “The safety of anticoagulant drugs remains a major concern given the high risks of bleeding and increasing use as newer agents replace the generic, warfarin. For all the newer agents, marketing the drug for ease of use, rather than providing tools to reduce bleeding risk, constitutes a substantial wrong turn for an important medical treatment.”

Have You Been Injured?

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