Risperdal Lawyer Helps Family Seek Compensation

Risperdal lawyerFamily Seeks Help From Risperdal Lawyer

A Risperdal lawyer recently filed suit on behalf of a male client and the then-minor client’s mother to recover damages caused by having to undergo double mastectomy to remove excessive growth of abnormal breast tissue that allegedly developed due to Risperdal side effects.

The case is just one of more than 400 similar suits filed against Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals and parent company Johnson & Johnson, ever since the first Risperdal claim was settled in September 2012.  While most remain pending in Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas, the New Jersey state court in Middlesex County has consolidated many cases, pursuant to a multi-county litigation system.

General Reason for Recent Rise in Risperdal Lawsuits

Most commonly called by the trade name Risperdal, the drug in the pending mass litigation is a chemical formula called risperidone that has been linked to abnormal breast tissue development among boys and young adult male patients. Technically known as gynecomastia, this rare disorder typically develops secondary to metabolic dysfunctions and certain diseases but is also a known side effect of some medicines like Risperdal.

Risperdal Lawsuit Details

According to court documents, the now 27-year-old plaintiff underwent surgical removal of abnormal tissue growth on both sides of his chest three years ago due to gynecomastia allegedly caused by taking Risperdal.   Throughout the experience, the plaintiff reportedly constantly suffered from severe physical pain and sustained physical injury as well as extreme emotional damage. Another stated claim is for illegal marketing that misleads consumers by suggesting non-FDA-approved uses such as treating post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression.

Additionally, the Risperdal lawyer reportedly stated a claim for intentional misrepresentation based on the defendants’ allegedly having “purposefully concealed, … downplayed and understated … health … risks associated with Risperdal and actively promoted its off-label use [contrary] to federal and California state law.”

Federal Government Steps in Regarding Risperdal

Following a lengthy official investigation that ended last November by the U.S. Department of Justice, Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay a substantial amount in settlement of claims based in deceptive marketing. Following this settlement, Risperdal litigation has been seen in news headlines across the country.

The FDA approved Risperdal for use as an anti-psychotic medication in 1993, but did not approve it to treat obsessive-compulsive and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in minor patients until longer than a decade afterward in 2006.  During the entire time between 1993 and pre-2006 FDA approval, however, Johnson and Johnson advertised the drug to medical practitioners and clinics as appropriate treatment of juvenile behavioral disorders.

Its manufacturer reportedly failed to warn consumers about side effects like elevated prolactin levels among male adolescents, despite alleged full knowledge that pubescent juveniles are especially susceptible to side effects like gynecomastia in young boys.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stated in a press conference held shortly after concluding a final settlement of claims with Johnson & Johnson that such alleged misconduct lets “companies line their pockets at the expense of American taxpayers, citizens and private insurance industry.”

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured by Risperdal?

A statute of limitations could apply to anyone injured by the reported adverse side effects of Risperdal.  As no two cases are identical, it is essential for patients to consider consulting an experienced Risperdal lawyer.  Attorney Group wants to help you understand your options in your specific situation. We are here to help you determine if you have a case, and if you decide to pursue a claim, we can connect you with an experienced affiliated attorney. If you believe you have a case, contact us today for your free consultation.