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Risperdal Lawsuit Settlement

Risperdal Lawsuit Settlement Reached in Arkansas

Risperdal lawsuit attorneys note the May 2015 Risperdal lawsuit settlement reached between drug maker Johnson & Johnson  and the state of Arkansas to settle claims that the company […]

risperdal lawsuit

Risperdal Lawsuit: Drug Manufacturer Misrepresented Safety Issues

Risperdal is a psychiatric medication that has several different applications. Though it has been on the market for many years, the drug has been linked to a condition […]

risperdal lawsuit settlement

Risperdal Lawsuit Settlement Reached in Philadelphia

Contact Attorney Group for more information. The time you have to pursue a claim is limited, so contact us today. A May 27, 2015 Risperdal lawsuit settlement was […]

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Lawsuit Filed Against Federal Government Over Labeling of Side Effects of Risperdal

A lawsuit has been filed against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) by a Pennsylvania law firm […]

Risperdal verdict

$136 Million of South Carolina Risperdal Verdict Affirmed

Bloomberg Business reports that the South Carolina Supreme Court affirmed $136 million of a jury’s Risperdal verdict in a case alleging that the manufacturer’s Janssen unit wrongfully marketed […]

Risperdal Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $2.5 Million In Risperdal Lawsuit Verdict

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $2.5 million in damages to a 20-year-old man who allegedly experienced substantial breast growth while taking Risperdal as a child. […]

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Risperdal Breast Enlargement

Lawsuits Adding Up Over Risperdal Enlarged Breasts

A hearing is scheduled to take place next week before a Pennsylvania judge presiding over all Risperdal enlarged breasts lawsuits that have been filed in the state. These cases include allegations that […]

Lawyers, Judge Meet on Risperdal Breast Enlargement Case

Did a young man you love take Risperdal and develop large breasts? If so, you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation. Attorney Group can help. There are […]

NSAIDs Injury Risk

Patients Used to Test Those on Bad Drug List

The bad drug list has been in existence for years, often because big pharmaceutical companies push the use of blockbuster drugs to healthcare practitioners. Blockbuster drugs are those […]

Risperdal and Adderall Mix Spurs Concern

According to Express Scripts, a company responsible for processing prescriptions for 85 million Americans, one in 54 children between the ages 6 through 17 was taking at least […]

Tylenol liver damage lawsuit

Risperdal Litigation Moves Forward

The growing Risperdal litigation includes claims that taking Risperdal caused the development of male breasts, or gynecomastia, in boys and men. The pending lawsuits continue to proceed in […]

xarelto issues

Risperdal Lawyer Helps Family Seek Compensation

Family Seeks Help From Risperdal Lawyer A Risperdal lawyer recently filed suit on behalf of a male client and the then-minor client’s mother to recover damages caused by […]

xarelto issues

Study Suggests Risperdal Birth Defects

Risperdal Birth Defects Are Possible Many individuals struggle with mental illness, including mothers and mothers-to-be. It is well known that many psychiatric drugs can negatively affect a fetus […]

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Report Highlights Risks of Risperdal for Children with Autism

Risks of Risperdal Become Widespread Issue A new report warns that use of Risperdal, an atypical antipsychotic medication, to treat autism may help to improve focus and reduce […]

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Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit

Should You Consider a Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit? Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug prescribed to individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, was initially approved in 1993 by the U.S. Food […]