Judge: Syngenta GMO Lawsuit Can Advance

A Syngenta GMO lawsuit is moving forward after a federal judge rejected Syngenta’s two arguments for dismissing the suit. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are seeking damages for the financial losses they claim to have suffered after Syngenta allegedly sold genetically modified corn that was not approved for sale in China, Syngenta corn lawsuit attorneys note.

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Syngenta GMO Lawsuit: Unapproved Seed Led to Massive Losses

In September 2015, a federal district judge denied Syngenta’s request for the dismissal of a lawsuit that claims the company was negligent in marketing and selling corn that wasn’t approved for export to China. The Fulton Sun reports that over 20,000 farmers have filed lawsuits against Syngenta, alleging that the company’s decision to release genetically modified corn seeds in the U.S. caused them substantial financial losses.

In June 2013, traces of Syngenta’s genetically modified seeds were found in corn shipments to China. China subsequently stopped allowing the importation of corn from the U.S., and corn prices per bushel dropped more than 50 percent. According to professional estimates, farmers may have lost over $1 billion in 2014 as a result, and they may still be suffering losses due to the lingering depression of corn prices.

Syngenta argued that the genetically modified seeds were approved for release in the U.S. and that the company had no duty to protect the interests of farmers and other clients. However, the overseeing judge rejected both arguments, enabling the lawsuits against the company to proceed, the website reported.

Affected Parties May be Entitled to Compensation

Farmers who have lost money as a result of Syngenta selling genetically engineered corn seed are joining forces to file Syngenta GMO corn lawsuits. Whether or not a farmer used GMO corn seed, their harvest may have been contaminated, rejected or sold at a lower price as a result of Syngenta’s actions. Plaintiffs include exporters, corn farmers, brokers, grain silos, resellers and others involved in the corn chain of distribution. Corn farmers who did not use Syngenta corn seed may also be able to pursue a claim.

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