Why Exactly is Yaz Birth Control So Dangerous?

Why is Yaz Birth Control Seen as a Dangerous Drug?

Yaz birth control

There are many birth control options on the market today, but one of the most well-known birth control pills to hit the market in years has been Yaz birth control. The initial advertisement for the Yaz birth control pill seemed promising enough, but reports of health risks connected to the pill soon came to light. While the commercials for the pill do warn of some side effects, there were several unforeseen health risks involved with Yaz birth control that gave the drug the reputation of a dangerous drug.

An early version of Yaz birth control pills called Yasmin was created in 2001 in Germany by Berlex Laboratories. It contained a very similar formula to Yaz, which was created when Bayer Healthcare bought out Berlex Laboratories. Yaz was introduced to American markets in 2006 by Bayer Healthcare. Utilizing a hormone called drospirenone, also known as DRSP, the drug was marketed not only as an effective birth control pill but also as a treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder and acne. Yaz was advertised quite heavily in the United States until various and serious side effects from the drug started emerging.

What Are the Side Effects?

Though all drugs have side effects to an extent, the side effects presented in many Yaz users are far more serious than those of other birth control pills. One of the most startling side effects has been increased risk of blood clots. Most birth control pills increase the risk of blood clots, but Yaz birth control pills have a drastically increased amount of risk. The risk of blood clots in women using Yaz is about six times higher than a person using no contraceptives and has twice as much risk in a woman who has taken a generic contraceptive. This higher risk is supposedly associated with the drospirenone hormone that is a key ingredient in the drug.

Blood clots can be incredibly dangerous in any individual. They can cause blindness, lung damage, heart attacks, and even death. Yaz has been linked to numerous deaths and severe adverse reactions to the blood clots such as blindness, lung damage and more. Despite the reports of severe effects, Bayer proclaims that the drug is no more dangerous when it comes to risk of blood clots than any other birth control pill.

Another severe side effect of the Yaz birth control pill is depression. The combination of drospirenone and estrogen in Yaz birth control pills appear to increase a woman’s risk of depression. The effects can appear suddenly and they can be very severe. Depression can be crippling and severely damaging to your life. The sudden mood swings, lack of energy and possible suicidal thoughts can ruin your outlook on life, relationships, job and more. What make this situation even worse is that many people don’t suspect that their seemingly harmless birth control pill can be the cause of their depression, which leaves them suffering from the effects of depression until they decide to stop taking the drug. Other side effects include breast pain, severe loss of sexual desire, weight gain, and a lack of energy.

What Can You Do About it?

If you have suffered from any severe side effects such as complications from blood clots, immediately contact Attorney Group about taking legal action against Bayer. Since the introduction of Yaz birth control pills, over 10,000 women have filed lawsuits against Bayer for the negative reactions that they suffered from using Yaz. To date, Bayer has settled 3,490 of these lawsuits with a total payout of over $750 million, and many more lawsuits are waiting to be handled. The side effects from Yaz birth control pills can severely impact your life. Speak out, and get compensation for your suffering by contacting Attorney Group.