Ashley Madison: Class Action Lawsuits Expected in Wake of Massive Data Breach

Data breach lawsuit attorneys note the massive hack of user data on the apparently popular infidelity website and anticipate Ashley Madison class action lawsuits by users whose personally identifiable information was compromised in the breach. A Canadian lawsuit was reported as the first such case, with an additional class action proposed in Missouri state court.

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Ashley Madison Data Breach: What Happened?

First reported by Krebs on Security in July 2015, the Ashley Madison data breach was apparently perpetrated by a group of hackers intent on shutting down the notorious infidelity website. It was reported that 37 million user accounts were compromised in the breach.

On or about August 15, 2015, the hackers released data from the site, including such personally identifiable information of users as email addresses, credit card information and billing addresses. The fallout from the leak was immediate and monumental, as websites were created allowing the compromised data to be searched, and at least one high profile individual was discovered to have an account.

Was My Data Leaked?

As noted above, a number of websites are creating searchable databases of the identity of users. This is creating much discussion regarding the ethics and legality of making the hacked data widely available, but some sites are only disclosing whether a person’s data was included, when that person submits an email address and verifies it.

One such site is “Have I Been Pwned?” which includes a detailed discussion of how it is approaching disclosure of the Ashley Madison data. The site can also provide information to users regarding whether their data on other websites has been compromised.

Ashley Madison Class Action: What’s Happening?

On August 22, it was reported that a Canadian law firm had filed a $578 million class action lawsuit against Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media, on behalf of Canadians whose private information had been leaked. The lead plaintiff in that case was a Ottawa widower who joined the site in search of companionship following his wife’s death.

Identity of Class Action Plaintiff Protected in Filing

In the U.S., an Ashley Madison class action has been proposed in Missouri. In that case, the lead plaintiff is a woman, named anonymously in lawsuit as Jane Doe, who claims that her data was leaked despite having previously paid a $19 fee to have her data permanently deleted from the site. Ashley Madison data breach attorneys hope to maintain the lead plaintiff’s anonymity in recognition that affected users may be hesitant to bring claims out of fear of being exposed as a patron of the site.

Affected Users May be Entitled to Compensation

Victims of data breaches may be entitled to receive compensation for any personal information that may have been compromised, and the responsible party may be liable for financial losses resulting from a data breach. Affected consumers should seek legal counsel to get more information about their options.

Additionally, in an Ashley Madison class action, affected users may be able to seek compensation for the embarrassment of having their personally identifiable information associated with the website at issue.

Because this case presents complicated issues and is still developing, affected users are encouraged to seek the advice of an Ashley Madison data breach attorney for more information on their rights and remedies.

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