Testosterone Study: Mixed Results For Men’s Health

Testosterone lawsuit attorneys note a recent testosterone study that showed mixed results on the value of testosterone supplements for men’s health. Researchers found that although the effects of testosterone on the heart were inconclusive, they warned that their findings should not be interpreted that testosterone was safe with regard to cardiovascular function and overall men’s health.

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Study Details

The study, published in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), and which two drug companies with ties to testosterone treatment sponsored, involved over 300 men and lasted three years. Results of the tests were inconclusive as to testosterone’s effect on the heart, but the study did show that testosterone did not improve the sex lives of the male participants.

This published research comes as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently began requiring all prescription testosterone products to carry a label warning about possible increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Injured Patients May Be Entitled To Compensation

If a drug maker fails to fulfill its duty to provide safe drugs and to warn of potentially harmful side effects that may be associated with its medication, it could be held liable for any injuries that may result. If someone is injured by a drug, such as testosterone, they may be able to pursue a claim for compensation, or damages resulting from injuries, including medical expenses, loss of income or earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

If someone is killed after suffering an injury caused by a drug, including heart attack, stroke, or other complications, that person’s family members may be able to pursue a claim for wrongful death damages, including mental anguish from loss of a loved one, loss of financial support, and funeral expenses.

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If you or someone you love are taking testosterone treatment products or medications and you have suffered from side effects such as heart attacks, stroke, or other complications, you may have a valid testosterone lawsuit. This recent study carried out on testosterone is inconclusive and it does not effect any present or future testosterone lawsuits, and all of our plaintiffs’ allegations are still perfectly valid.

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