Ascension Data Breach

Millions of Loan Documents Reportedly Leaked in Ascension Data Breach

Approximately 24 million mortgage documents were reportedly leaked after a server configuration may have led to an Ascension data breach. According to reports issued by TechCrunch and security […]

Google at Risk of Class-Action Lawsuits for Hiding Google+ Security Flaw

Google is under fire for hiding a major security flaw in its’ social network, Google+, that may have exposed the personal information of nearly half a million users. […]

Data Breach – Cyber Attack – Marriott Data Breach

Class Action: Personal Information Exposed in Marriott Data Breach

A class action lawsuit has been filed after personal information of up to 500 million guests was allegedly exposed as a result of a Marriott data breach. Customers […]

Data Breach – Ticketfly Data Breach

Class Action: Eventbrite Failed to Inform Users of Ticketfly Data Breach

A class-action lawsuit has been filed after millions of user accounts were compromised in a Ticketfly data breach that occurred in late May 2018. Although financial information was […]

Data Breach – Bankers Life Data Breach

Report: Customers Notified of Bankers Life Data Breach

A Bankers Life data breach may have affected thousands of customers after unauthorized third parties gained access to company websites. According to a statement issued by Bankers Life, […]


Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against ‘Tax Relief Experts’ After Allegedly Misleading Customers

Wall & Associates, Inc., a Virginia-based tax debt settlement service, has once again found itself the subject of a lawsuit for allegedly misleading customers about its services. The […]

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Credit Repair Companies The Target Of Class-Action Lawsuit For Allegedly Performing Unlawful And Deceptive Acts

On August 23, 2018, a class action lawsuit was filed against three large credit repair companies. The lawsuit claims that the companies violated the Credit Repair Organizations Act, […]

Moviepass Parent Company Target Of Class-Action Lawsuit For Alleged Securities Fraud Violations

On August 18, 2018, shareholders of Helios & Matheson Analytic (HMNY), parent company of MoviePass, filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that HMNY defrauded shareholders by offering misleading information […]

Goop Accused of ‘Deceptive Health Claims’

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘lifestyle’ company Goop is under scrutiny after being accused of making deceptive health claims by Truth in Advertising, Inc. (TINA) TINA is a non-profit, advertising watchdog […]


A Nintendo warranty lawsuit may be available to consumers who purchased a Nintendo game system with warranty language that potentially violates federal consumer protection laws. The Federal Trade […]

Menards Casper – Menards Rebate Class Action Lawsuit
"Menards Casper" by Charlie Kay under CC/BY cropped from original

Menards In-Store Only Rebate Reportedly Sparks Consumer Complaints

A Menards rebate class action lawsuit may be an option for individuals who purchased rebate-eligible products from Menards and never received the promised rebate check after sending the […]

Concerned Woman – Essure Implant Lawsuit

Report: Bayer to Discontinue Essure After FDA Restrictions, Decline in Sales

Attorneys are currently investigating allegations of adverse health events associated with a permanent form of birth control known as Essure. After continued monitoring and possible penalties imposed by […]

Xbox One Console – Xbox Warranty Lawsuit

FTC Warning: Xbox One Warranty Coverage Possibly Violates Federal Law

An Xbox warranty lawsuit may be an option for individuals who purchased an Xbox One video game console with warranty coverage containing language potentially in violation of federal […]

Patient and Doctor – Nuedexta Investigation

Report: Regulators Issue Warning Related to Nuedexta Investigation

Attorneys are looking into reports related to the aggressive promotion and marketing of prescription medication Nuedexta. According to an investigation by CNN, pharmaceutical sales representatives affiliated with the […]

Gavel and Justice Scales – NuWave Oven Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action: Defect Causes NuWave Oven Dome to Crack

A NuWave oven class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of individuals who purchased a NuWave countertop oven that cracked after minimal use. Consumers who purchased a […]