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Frustrated Man in Casino | Abilify Attorney

Lawsuits: Compulsive Gambling Associated with Abilify Use

An Abilify attorney notes that lawsuits claim plaintiffs developed compulsive gambling behaviors as a result of taking the antipsychotic drug Abilify. Abilify is a prescription medication used to treat […]

Mother and Baby | Zofran Injury

Report: Zofran Highlights the Need for Industry Change

A Zofran injury lawyer notes a report suggesting that the alleged link between the anti-nausea drug and birth defects emphasizes the need for change in the drug safety […]

A Blood Bag IV | Pradaxa Injury Lawyer

Widow Alleges Pradaxa Is Responsible for Husband’s Death

A Pradaxa injury lawyer notes that a widow alleges in a lawsuit that the blood-thinning agent caused her husband to suffer a fatal bleeding episode. The complaint alleges […]

Sick woman in hospital | Onglyza Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Clues Found in Search Queries

An Onglyza pancreatic cancer lawyer notes that researchers are making progress in using search engine queries to possibly identify people with pancreatic cancer and other ailments, even before […]

Man holding his heart | Imodium Side Effects Lawyer

FDA: High Doses of Imodium May Lead to Fatal Heart Issues

An Imodium side effects lawyer notes that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that excessive doses of the antidiarrheal drug may lead to serious […]

Depressed young man | Risperdal Risks

Lawsuits Allege Drug Maker Failed to Warn of Risperdal Risks

More than 1,600 lawsuits are alleging that a drug maker failed to warn of Risperdal risks and serious side effects allegedly linked to the drug. Attorneys predict that […]

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Bags of Blood | Xarelto Bleeding Lawyer

Drug Makers Accused of Withholding Data From Safety Trials

A Xarelto bleeding lawyer notes that the makers of the blood thinner are accused of withholding critical data from safety trials. Reports suggest that the pharmaceutical companies may […]

Handful of Pills | Antibiotic Risks

FDA: Some Antibiotic Risks Outweigh Benefits

Fluoroquinolone antibiotic risks generally outweigh the antibiotics’ benefits for patients with uncomplicated infections like sinusitis, urinary tract infections, and bronchitis, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced […]

Dejected looking Man | Abilify Side Effects Attorney

FDA Warns of Abilify and Impulse-Control Disorders

An Abilify side effects attorney notes that the FDA has issued impulse-control warnings for the antipsychotic medication. The agency is cautioning that compulsive or uncontrollable urges have been […]

Man Looking at a Table of Pills | OxyContin Lawsuit

Report: OxyContin’s Effectiveness in Doubt-Withdrawals Hellish

An OxyContin lawsuit attorney notes that a report on the efficacy of the painkiller has found that the drug may not live up to it claims that it […]

Woman involved in a car wreck | Dilaudid Side Effects

Court Rules Dilaudid Side Effects Lawsuit Can Move Forward

A Dilaudid side effects lawyer notes that a New York hospital and a physician face allegations they failed to warn a patient who was administered the narcotic pain […]

Image of a Young Man | Risperdal And Breast Growth

Risperdal And Breast Growth At Issue In Lawsuits

Risperdal and breast growth are at issue in lawsuits that have resulted in $4.75 million being awarded to men who have sued the drug’s maker. Cases allege that […]

Bag of Blood | Pradaxa Lawyer

Pradaxa Lawyer Notes Reversal Agent Approval

A Pradaxa lawyer notes that the FDA has approved a reversal agent for the blood thinner, which has been linked to severe internal bleeding. Thousands of claims are […]

Mother and Child | Lexapro Side Effects

Lawsuits Claim Lexapro Side Effects Cause Birth Defects

Lawsuits are claiming that Lexapro side effects cause birth defects and other serious complications. The drug’s maker is alleged to have marketed the drug as safe and effective […]

xarelto surgical site infection
Keith Brofsky/iStock/Thinkstock

Xarelto Surgical Site Infection Could Lead to More Lawsuits

A Xarelto surgical site infection could lead to additional claims against makers of the blood-thinning drug, who are already facing Xarelto bleeding lawsuits. Medical research suggests that rates […]