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Doctor Checking A Mole | Viagra Cancer Risks

Lawsuit Claims Pfizer Failed to Disclose Viagra Cancer Risks

A North Carolina man who developed melanoma while taking Viagra is seeking damages from Pfizer, the manufacturer of the drug, alleging that the company should have warned users […]

Distressed Young Man | Risperdal Dangers

Jury to Johnson & Johnson: Pay $1.75M Over Risperdal Dangers

A jury ordered a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary to pay $1.75 million to a Maryland man who developed breasts while taking the company’s antipsychotic drug, Risperdal. The trial […]

Patient Receiving Blood | Xarelto Bleeding Risk

Lawsuit: Drug Maker Failed to Disclose Xarelto Bleeding Risk

Drug makers face allegations of negligence after a man died due complications family members claim were associated with the prescription blood thinner Xarelto. Attorneys handling the lawsuit allege […]

Woman Holding Her Stomach | Diflucan Side Effects

Study: Diflucan Side Effects May Increase Miscarriage Risk

A study suggests that Diflucan side effects may lead to an increased risk of women suffering a miscarriage during pregnancy. Diflucan, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug […]

Pouches Of Blood | Pradaxa Blood Thinner Attorneys

Report Suggests FDA Was Lax In Approving Pradaxa

A report issued by the Project on Government Oversight suggests that the U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA), was lax in approving the anticoagulant Pradaxa, which has been […]

Dilaudid lawsuit attorney

Pregnant Women May Be Taking Risks With Dilaudid

A Dilaudid lawsuit attorney notes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that each year, over one-quarter of women in the U.S. (of childbearing […]

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Mother And Child | Zofran Birth Defect Lawyers

Expectant Mothers: Studies Link Zofran To Birth Defects

Zofran birth defect lawyers note that women taking the anti-nausea drug Zofran during pregnancy should be aware of at least four studies that have suggested a link between […]

Mother and Child | Zofran Heart Defect Risks

Drug Maker Allegedly Knew of Zofran Heart Defect Risks

Lawsuits are alleging that drug maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) failed to warn of Zofran heart defect risks for children of expectant mothers who took the drug to treat morning […]

Pouch Of Blood | Xarelto Product Liability

Lawsuit: Drug Makers Kept Xarelto Dangers Hidden

Xarelto product liability lawsuits allege that the drug makers were aware of the associated dangers of Xarelto but failed to warn consumers. Plaintiffs across the country have filed […]

Man Holding His Chest | Testosterone Lawsuit Trials

Judge Schedules First Testosterone Lawsuit Trials

The first testosterone lawsuit trials have been set for 2016. Over 2,000 men who claim they suffered heart attacks and other adverse events after receiving testosterone therapy have […]

Blood Vials | Xarelto Mass Tort

Lawsuit: Drug Maker Failed To Disclose Xarelto Risks

Xarelto mass tort cases are expanding as victims of the blood thinner attempt to hold the drug makers accountable. The lawsuits are alleging the drug makers negligently failed […]

A handful of pills | Zofran Heart Defect Attorney

FDA Warns Zofran May Lead To Abnormal Heart Rhythms

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a public warning that recommends certain people should not take Zofran, and that the drug may be associated with […]

Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney

Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Notes Recent Lawsuit

A Xarelto lawsuit attorney notes a recently filed lawsuit against makers of the anticoagulant Xarelto, alleging that the companies misled patients and doctors about the safety and efficacy […]

Xarelto And Liver Damage

Canadians Seek Link Between Xarelto And Liver Damage

Health Canada is investigating a possible link between Xarelto and liver damage. The agency reported on its website that Xarelto is a potential safety concern with regard to […]

Xarelto Side Effects Lawsuit

Xarelto Side Effects Lawsuit Filed for Wrongful Death

A Xarelto side effects lawsuit has been filed by a man who alleges that the blood thinner caused the wrongful death of his father. The lawsuit was filed […]