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Janumet Lawsuit Attorneys Assisting Affected Patients

Januvia is a once-daily prescription drug that can help to lower blood sugar levels in patients living with type 2 diabetes. Janumet combines both the active ingredient in […]

Sad Woman | Implanon Side Effects

Implanon Side Effects Lawyer Notes Implant Migration Issues

An Implanon side effects lawyer notes that some women are alleging that their birth control implant migrated in their body and even became lost in some cases. The […]

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Inconsistent Results for Lipitor Side Effects

Lawyers Elaborate Upon Lipitor Side Effects Lipitor is a type of statin that has received a lot of media attention lately. Many people are concerned about this drug […]

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3 Year Anniversary of DePuy Metal on Metal Hip Recall

Statute of Limitations for Metal on Metal Hip Patients DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., manufacturer of various metal on metal hip implant systems, issued a voluntary recall on August 26, […]

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Premises Liability Attorneys Comment on 17-Story Fall from Balcony

Woman Killed After 17-Story Fall According to premises liability attorneys, it is the legal responsibility of any owner to ensure that the property on which visitors traverse is […]

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Birth Injury Attorney on Risks of Newborn Oxygen Exposure

A birth injury attorney notes that providing oxygen to newborns, while often beneficial and life-saving, also carries risks for the infant. When a child is injured from negligently […]

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Mirena breast cancer risk

Why Exactly is Yaz Birth Control So Dangerous?

Why is Yaz Birth Control Seen as a Dangerous Drug? There are many birth control options on the market today, but one of the most well-known birth control […]

facts about Stryker

Biomet Hip Replacement Lawyers Talk Lawsuits and Layoffs

Layoffs and Lawsuits for Biomet Biomet has recently been a controversial topic among consumers and the medical community for manufacturing and selling allegedly defective hip and knee replacement […]

birth injury attorneys

Detroit Bankruptcy and Talks on Seatbelt Failure

Developments in the Detroit Debacle When examining why Detroit’s automotive industry failed, lawyers are currently taking a look at failures within automobiles themselves, seatbelt failure being one. Detroit, […]

birth injury attorneys

NFL Players’ Brain Injuries Incite Lawsuits

Football Brain Injuries in the NFL To the fans, professional sports are a great reason to organize parties and spend time with friends while watching the games. For […]

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Stryker Hip Litigation In Motion

Lawyers Moving Forward with Stryker Hip Litigation A recent decision in New Jersey Superior Court, located in Bergen County, allowed Stryker hip litigation to move forward, with the […]

facts about Stryker

Are Anterior Hip Replacements the Better Option?

Anterior Hip Replacements: The Better Option? Each year in the United States, over 300,000 individuals undergo total hip replacement surgery. These procedures are almost always successful in freeing […]

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San Francisco Plane Crash Opens Talks on Safety

San Francisco Plane Crash Although airplane accidents are rare, they do happen; when a major airline disaster happens, the federal government typically provides support services to survivors and […]

birth injury attorneys

Insurance Claims Attorneys Fight Back

Fighting Back Against Insurance Companies If you have ever been faced with a natural disaster and your home and belongs were damaged, you know how devastating the situation […]

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GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

GranuFlo Lawsuits Dialysis, a process by which the blood is rid of toxins when the kidneys in a patient are no longer functioning properly, is required by over […]